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BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council)

British School of Kampala is an approved center for BTEC level three subsidiary diploma.

At BSK we offer the BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma as a two year programme in years 12 and 13..

Why BTEC ?

As an alternative and equivalent to A Level, this BTEC Diploma is fast becoming a popular and more practical route into higher education. Edexcel, a subsidiary of Pearson, is the main examination board to offer BTEC Diplomas. According to Pearson’s chief technology and operations officer, “BTEC gives you a route into employability much faster because it’s giving you tools and techniques that can be very valuable to an employer.”

  • 90% of BTEC students are employed full time after graduating.

Many industry sectors have National Occupational Standards that professionals must follow. Edexcel has built the content of the BTECs around these standards. This is why BTECs are recognised as valuable qualifications within each industry.

BTEC level 3 grades qualify for UCAS points for students wishing to move on to university.

According to Ian Blenkharn from the University of Exeter, “We’ve seen a real rise in the number of students applying with BTEC qualifications , and we accept them more and more.”
BTECs can be studied alongside, or instead of, A Levels in schools and higher-education colleges. .Grading uses a Pass (P), Merit (M) and Distinction (D) scale.

  • In 2015, 1 in 4 students who got into university in the UK did so with at least one BTEC.

About BSK BTEC's

What Do Universities Want?
In the past, universities tended to prefer traditional A Levels, but that has changed a lot. These days only some universities will require you to have at least one A Level alongside your BTEC(s). All you need to do is check the course you’re thinking of applying for to see what the entry requirements are. You may also need to ask the university you’re applying to (or UCAS) which grade (pass / merit / distinction) is required from your BTEC, if they only list A Level grades.

BTECs are made up of a number of units, which are usually assessed through assignments that are set and marked by the teacher and checked by an external verifier. Assignments can be in the form of tests, research, essays, projects, investigations, artwork, fieldwork or experiments, often linked with practical exercises. Students are assessed throughout their course, so that they can analyse and improve their performance. No end of year exams take place like in A level.
The BTEC Subjects offered at BSK are Business Studies, Engineering, Information Technology, Hospitality and Art.

Some Career opportunities with BTEC
Hotel manager, Travel consultant, Financial consultant, Bank manager, Graphic designer, Game designer, Programmer, IT-consultant, Aerospace/Mechanical/Civil engineer and many more…..

Edexcel qualifications are world-class academic and general qualifications from Pearson including: GCSEs, A levels, international GCSEs, as well as NVQs and functional skills.
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We are the first school in Uganda to offer Level 3 BTEC qualifications. BTEC’s are vocational qualification aligned with A-Levels and GCSE such that the Level 3 BTEC is equivalent to from 1 to 3 A-levels. BTEC’s can thus be done alongside A-levels.

BTEC is the world’s most successful and best loved applied learning brand and has been engaging learners in practical interpersonal and thinking skills for over 25 years.
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We offer the following subjects for the year 2019/2020

  • Art and design
  • Business studies
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology

Please inquire at the school about availability of spaces

What does AS, AL, GCSE, IGCSE,BTEC stand for?

  • IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • GCSE – General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • AS – Advanced Subsidiary
  • AL – Advanced Level
  • BTEC – Business and Technology Education Council .