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**For year12 and 13 the Tuition description is as follows:

  • A-level only means I.A.L and/or G.C.E subjects ONLY

  • A-level and 1 BTEC means 1 BTEC subject and 2 or more I.A.L/G.C.E subjects

  • A-level and 2 BTEC means 2 BTEC subjects and 1 or more I.A.L/G.C.E subject(s)

  • *BTEC means [3 or 4 BTEC subjects] and/or [1 or more I.A.L/G.C.E subject(s)]


  1. All tuition is to be paid termly (in September, January and April) except year 11 and 13 fees that are to be paid per semester (in September and January)
  2. Caution fee is refundable on graduation or on leaving the school, after due adjustment for damages, breakages caused by the student, if any.
  3. Exam fees are included in the dollar fee
  4. Aside from the caution fee, none of the above fees is refundable!